Dinner Interactive Events

Dinner Quest (Buffet Dinner Game) - DJ will dismiss tables by calling out random items for someone to bring to him from each table. The person from the table that brings the item to the DJ first will have their entire table allowed through the buffet line.

Reception Interactive Events

Sexy Legs or He’s the Greatest Dancer Contest - Male guest will be pre-selected and invited up on the dance floor, where they THINK they will be judges for a contest. However, they will then learn they are the actual contestants and they will be required to roll up their pant leg and let loose while trying to compete for audience applause.

Anniversary Dance - The DJ will invite all the married couples on the dance floor to participate in a song selected by the Bride and Groom. By process of elimination the DJ will find the couple that has been married the longest. At the end of the song, that couple will be asked to give the Bride and Groom words of wisdom.

Raise The Shoe / Newlywed Game - The Bride and Groom will be given two big letters or paddles that indicate Bride or Groom. They will each sit on a chair with their backs facing each other. They will be asked a series of questions (about 10). If correct answer is in regards to the Groom, the Groom's letter or paddle will be raised; if the correct answer is in regards to the Bride, the Bride's letter or paddle will be raised. This is a humorous game since the Bride and Groom cannot see each others answers, only their guest. Sample Question: Who will be the first person in the marriage to say "not tonight dear?"

Honeymoon Dance / Dollar Dance - Guest will give money to the Bride or Groom to have an opportunity to dance with the Bride or Groom. Considered extra spending money for the Honeymoon.

Who Will Wear The Cake - Guests will place money in a jar located at the Cake table to bid on who will wear the Cake during the Cake Cutting.  All proceeds will go towards the couples Honeymoon.

Cha Cha Slide / Cupid Shuffle / Electric Slide / Wobble

Keys - For the Bride to know and the Groom to find out. Very Funny. Ask us how this is played.

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