Frequently Asked Questions

What is your usual attire?

Tuxedo minus the jacket.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we can provide a certificate to your venue if needed.

How much time do you usually need to set up?

At least 1 hour, but we prefer to have a 2 hour window for set up. Set up and breakdown are FREE of charge.

Do you require that the site or client provide a table for you to set up on?

Yes, however we can provide our own table, table cloth (black), at client request FREE of charge.

What are your space requirements?

6ft wide by 4ft deep, we can always down size if needed.

Do you charge for travel expenses? If yes, how much do you charge?

Outside of the Greater Phoenix Area only, call us to inquire if your location applies.

How many other DJs do you work with?

We have 10 DJ's in our company.

What is your backup plan in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?

We only schedule a maximum of 4 events per day; our other DJ's are readily available to cover a scheduled DJ in case of an emergency.

How many DJ’s come in my package?

1 to 2 depending on event size and needs.

Do you offer Bilingual DJ’s and Master of Ceremonies?

Yes, our Bilingual DJ’s speak both Spanish and English fluently.  They are also well versed in all types of Latin music. Please let us know if you need a Bilingual DJ / MC so we can arrange a meeting with them for you.

Is the client able to meet the DJ before booking?


Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes, and back-up equipment.

What is the required deposit to secure your services?

$100 we accept all forms of payment, the deposit goes towards your final balance.

Will you provide microphones for our Ceremony and Reception?

Yes, we provide a lapel and cordless microphone for your Ceremony and a cordless microphone for your Reception.  All other event packages include cordless microphones to meet your needs.

Do your packages come with lighting?

Yes, each package includes LED Dance Lighting.  Additional lighting such as LED Up-Lighting is available as an up-grade.

Describe your DJ style?

An even blend of the Traditional and Modern Wedding.

Do you usually emcee the event or talk between songs?

We are the DJ and Master of Ceremonies at every event.  As point of contact we will ensure that your guests are well informed and that your event runs smoothly and efficiently.

How would you motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?

We have a wide variety of Interactive Events that the client can select from prior to the event. Visit our Gallery Tab for more information about these Interactive Events.

What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, do you require that the client provide your meal?

We do not take breaks and we do not require a meal.

What music genres are in your collection?

50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Acoustic, Big Band, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Dance, Folk, Funk, Gospel, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Orchestra, Pop, Punk Rock, R&B, Rock, Soul, Strings, Swing, Latin etc.

Will you work with me before my event to select the music I want played?

Yes, we provide a Questionnaire for you that will take you through all of your music and event selections.  The Questionnaire will be due to us one month before your event so that we can put together a Timeline. The Timeline will be provided to you for approval and shared with all of your vendors if you choose.

Can the client submit a Playlist / Do-Not-Playlist?

Yes, playlists are customized by the client to fit their style.

Is there a limit to the amount of music that can be requested?


Do you offer live sample performances?

Yes, we host a Vimeo Channel with live videos.  Please visit the Home Page for the direct link.

How many lights come in your Up-Lighting Package?

20 LED up-lights in the color(s) of your choice, the package includes set up and breakdown of the lights.

How do I customize my Gobo?

We will provide you a packet of sample templates to choose from. Gobo selections are needed one month in advance to ensure order and delivery time.

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